Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Trouble Every Day

Of course, the title is a nod to Frank Zappa, but this is not a post about music. Unfortunately, I have been confounded by the 'Word for Blogger' software which I have installed in two computers, only to experience the same 401 error that won't let me upload text from my hard drive. Hence, this post will ignore the notion that blog entries about stalled blogs are a poor substitute for interesting writing and discussion, and I will take the time to kick start this blog before Christmas, as it were. Until I work out my Word for Blogger difficulties (as well as new, greater problems with my main computer), I will only be able to write material within the Blogger template.
Word documents awaiting their premiere here are mostly reviews I have written over the last while. The semi-recent ones include November 2006 appearances by Bettye Lavette, Prince Buster with Willi Williams and a bunch of other people at the Phoenix, and some recent music news. The idea is to cover many under-appreciated artists whose music finds its way into my hands, or whose performances I am able to see.

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