Sunday, January 14, 2007

2006 Reviews- Last Call, Part 1

I want to collect and post a few reviews of various discs released in 2006 while the year is still sort of fresh. Some of these c.d.'s are well known among music nerds, but most of them cover sounds only ever heard off the beaten path.
I also want to mention we should be in for some good times in the world of vintage soul re-releases. I believe Concord, having taken over Fantasy Records (including Fantasy's most soulful asset, the Stax back catalogue), is planning to reissue quite a few lost gems.
The releases being reviewed here are in no particular order, and I hope they bring something new to the attention of discerning listeners! Once again, I might as well point out my role in the music business is purely altruistic; I host a radio show on the non-proffit, left end of the f.m. dial, but I do not receive anything from record companies.

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